How to Use What Would It Take to Grow Your Business and Reduce Work Stress

Learn the WWIT business intuition tool that help you overcome crazy times, enormous change and chaos to double your profits and halve stress

Top business people “listen to their gut,” to succeed faster. But how do you learn and improve your intuition in weeks rather than decades? Entrepreneur and business intuition expert Michael Light shows you how. Michael walks you step-by-step through easy to use tools and exercises that will increase your intuition “killer instinct” instantly.

Discover how to:

  • Hire ideal candidates fast
  • Improve your sales and marketing dramatically
  • Find and fix team issues in minutes
  • Add both joy and profits to your company

Why now? The pace of tech and social change has exponentially gone up in the last 10 years. Making decisions only the old-school, analytical way doesn't work anymore and causes burnout. Business Intuition cuts through the complex problem of how to get ahead, without doubling your work hours and sacrificing your health and family.

This is a hands-on course, providing the practical tools and homeplay exercises needed to develop your business intuition skill

Best selling author Michaela Light, known in the business world as ‘Ms What Would It Take’, has been utilizing these intuition tools for over 15 years in business. She uses this system to train CEOs and entrepreneurs all over the world, helping them to get past the challenges that have left them stressed and poorer in the past.

“I rely far more on gut instinct than researching huge amounts of statistics.” - Richard Branson, CEO Virgin Group

Are you an entrepreneur who struggles to make enough profit and is stressed in your business?

The WWIT tool can help you with:

  • Lack of clarity on what task to do next
  • Lack of time, never enough time
  • Lack of clarity on who to sell to,
  • what niche to market to, what product...
  • Entrepreneurial envy
  • Procrastination
  • Hiring problems

"Hi, I wanted to share with you how I've been using What Would It Take In My Business. Michael taught me about using the question, "What would it take a couple of weeks ago," and immediately when I tried it, it just felt really light and spacious. Instead of ... Sometimes I have this tendency of really getting stuck in my head and trying to think it through every thing, like really reason it out, and for some decisions, especially when you're trying to tune into your intuition and your gut, and what you're being drawn to do.

Thinking about it too much just really complicates things. That's why I really have enjoyed having this tool in my toolbox of being able to ask, what would it take? Because suddenly when I feel stuck on a business problem, and I'm feeling like somethings going to be too hard to do, then I can just ask myself, "Well, what it take for that to feel easy?" Or, "What would it take to reach 100 new people with this product?" Or, "What would it take to make this profitable, For example?" - Amanda, Entrepreneur

"Michaela's WWIT made huge changes for me within 12 hours of reading her book, before she even had a course available. I HIGHLY recommend it." - Samantha Alvarez, Sales coach and entrepreneur

Your Instructor

Michael Light
Michael Light

Michaela Light is the author of the Amazon Best Seller Intuitive Leadership Mastery and host of the Intuitive Leadership podcast.

Born in England she has lived in the United States, Holland, Bolivia and now Peru.

As a child, she was gifted in mathematics and went on to achieve a bachelors and masters at Cambridge University. She specialized in software development and now has owned a custom software company for 27 years. Her interest in intuition began in 2001 following a car accident, starting yoga and joining an honest communication group.

She has organized conferences for thousands of programmers, written hundreds of articles and taught 300 workshops around the world. She came out at work and in public as transgendered and bisexual in 2002, and she quotes “because living my truth became more important to me than obeying other people's judgments about me”.

In 2010, she got strong messages from her intuition that she should go to the Andes. She didn’t know anyone, was frightened to move and did it anyway. She now lives half the year in Cusco, Peru and travels in Europe and Asia the rest of the year. For the last three years, she has helped entrepreneurs and leaders to improve their business intuition for more profits and extra joy.

She believes that: "If all biz leaders openly used their intuition at work it would mean less stupid decisions that hurt people and the planet."

You can read more about Michaela's story here.

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