4) Practical WWIT tips

Practical WWIT Tips

  • WWIT to Trust Your Intuition More?
    • Keep a decision journal
    • Practice using WWIT every day
    • Share WWIT questions with others

  • Solving Hard Problems / Dealing with Resistance
    • Ask WWIT multiple times during the day
    • For hard problems/resistance it is ok to ask 100s of times over multiple days
  • How to Know Your WWIT

  • Intuitive Answers
    • Answers may come
    • Answers might come one step at a time
  • Opening to answers
    • Block - Must get your WWIT answers a certain way
Can get answers via
      • Voice in head
      • Seeing
      • Knowing it
      • Body sensations
      • Dreams
      • Synchronicities
      • Others

Quiet Mind

  • Intuition is a quiet voice
  • Noisy mind
    • Noisy society, Empathic, Addictions, Resistance
  • Digital detox day
  • Social detox

WWIT to have more powerful WWITs
  • Quiet mind
  • Walk in nature
  • Shower
  • Dance
  • Sleep and naps
  • Drink more water
  • Breathe deeply

Clarity of question

  • Clear question
  • Examples
  • WWIT to ask the WWIT that brings me the most profits and joy?

Fear of Using Intuition

Fears come from patterns you learned at school, work, religion, government
  • WWIT for you to feel your intuition fully?
  • WWIT for it to be safe, right and good for you to feel intuition fully?
  • What message are you afraid of hearing?

Is it Fear or Intuition?
  • Fear = Contraction
  • Intuition = Expansion
  • How to tell which?


  • Play with one way to quieten your mind for 5 minutes
  • Start a Decision Journal today

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